NextG Lab Resources

GMU O-RAN Testbed

Mix and match of USRP X310, USRP B210 and COTS UEs. This picture shows one BS and one UE, however, currently, we have 14 SDRs and thus, can support multiple BS and multiple UEs.

Fully open-source 4G/5G O-RAN testbed built using

This testbed has been built using open-source Open AI Cellular (OAIC) codebase, and libraries. 

Rack server (hosting Near-real-time RIC)


5G Positioning Testbed

5G positioning testbed using three base stations.

Full functional Open air interface (OAI) based 5G positioning testbed.

mmW Testbed

5G mmW testbed. It shows one transmitter and one receiver using Sivers EVKs as the front end.