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NextG Wireless Lab@Mason

Welcome to the lab website!

NextG Wireless Lab@Mason is a research group that focuses on fundamental research of next-generation wireless communications and networking with a focus on 5G/6G cellular systems, wireless security, AI/ML to wireless, Open radio access network (O-RAN), and spectrum sharing. We primarily focus on the experimental research and prototyping of secure, intelligent cellular communication systems, leveraging open cellular software (such as srsRAN and OAI), and software-defined radios (such as, USRP X310s and B210s).

NextG Wireless Lab has openings for one postdoc and two highly motivated PhD students who are interested in experimental research in 5G/NextG communications, O-RAN, AI/ML, Spectrum Sharing and NR Positioning. Check out "Open Positions" for more details.

Recent News

June 2023 [Paper Acceptance] Our paper on "Interference Analysis of Coexisting 5G Networks and NGSO FSS Receivers in the 12 GHz Band" has been accepted to IEEE Wireless Communications Letters 2023. This is the first work that investigates spectrum coexistence in 12 GHz band (12.2 - 12.7 GHz). Congratulations to Ta-seen and Nathan!

April 2023 [Travel Grant] Sarik Dhungel has been awarded with a travel grant to attend the AERPAW community workshop 2023. Congratulations Sarik!

April 2023 [CCI Symposium] Ta-seen and Nathan presented posters on "12 GHz spectrum sharing" and "O-RAN based spectrum sharing framework" at 2nd CCI symposium, Richmond, VA.

March 2023 [Paper Acceptance] 12 GHz spectrum sharing paper accepted to IEEE Communications Magazine 2023. 

March 2023 [Service] Dr. Shah invited to serve on the TPC for WiseML 2023.

March 2023: [Grant] Our CCRI proposal on "Space Communications" was awarded by National Science Foundation (NSF). [Abstract] 

March 2023: [Two New Students] Luis Walder and Osama Abdulmajid joined NextG as undergraduate researchers under CCI undergraduate Research Program. Welcome onboard, Luis and Osama!

Feb. 2023: [Invited Talk] Dr. Shah gave a talk on "Road Beyond 5G: Architectures, Applications, and Trends" at American Society of Nepalese Engineering (ANSEngr) Professional Development Series. Link: 

Feb. 2023: [Service] Dr. Shah joins the Editorial Board of Computer Networks.

Feb 2022: [New Student] Nathaniel Kabigting joined NextG as a Research Undergraduate under NSF REU program. Welcome onboard, Nathaniel!

Feb. 2023: [Paper Acceptance] Interference classification paper accepted to IEEE INFOCOM workshop on Deep Learning for Wireless Communications, Sensing, and Security (DeepWireless). [Preprint]

Jan. 2023 [Poster Acceptance] Three posters (on 12 GHz spectrum sharing, O-RAN, and AI beamforming)  accepted at CCI Symposium 2023. Congratulations Ta-seen, Nathan and Vikram! 

Jan. 2023: [Invited Talk] Dr. Shah gave a talk on "5G-IPS: 5G-based Indoor Positioning System for Emergency Responders in GPS-limited Indoor Scenarios", ICDCN workshop on Emergency Response Technologies and Services (EmeRTeS) 2023.

Nov. 2022: [Invited Talk] Dr. Shah gave a talk on "Enabling 5G/NextG Network with Open RAN Architectures" at Research Scholar Day at National Institute of Technology (NIT) Durgapur, India. Link:

Nov. 2022: [Paper Acceptance] O-RAN testing framework paper accepted to IEEE Wireless Communications Magazine.

Oct. 2022: [News] Our 5G positioning research was featured in Mason and other news portals.



Oct. 2022: [Service] Dr. Shah invited to serve on the TPC for ACM MobiHoc 2023.

Sept. 2022: [Postdoc] Naveen Sapavath joined NextG Lab as a Postdoctoral Research Fellow. Welcome onboard, Dr. Sapavath!

August 2022: [New Student] Sarik Dhungel joined NextG Lab as a PhD student. Welcome onboard, Sarik!

August 2022: [New Student] Nadin Said joined NextG as a Research Undergraduate. Welcome onboard, Nadin!

August 2022: [Paper Acceptance] DeepIA paper accepted to IEEE TNSE.

July 2022: [Paper Acceptance] UAV backhauling paper accepted to IEEE TNSM.

June 2022: [Paper Acceptance] UAV optimization paper accepted to IEEE IoT Journal.

June 2022: [Paper Acceptance] Interference Suppression Survey paper accepted to IEEE Access.

June 2022: [Grant] Our proposal on "5G-based Indoor Positioning System" was awarded by National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). [More info here]

June 2022: [Talk] Dr. Shah gave a talk on Open AI Cellular (OAIC) at IEEE NextG Summit 2022. [Slides][Youtube]

May 2022: [Service] Dr. Shah invited to serve on the TPC for IEEE MILCOM 2022.

May 2022: [Service] Dr. Shah invited to serve on the TPC for IEEE COMSNETS 2022.

March 2022: [Service] Dr. Shah invited to serve on the TPC for IEEE SECON 2022.

March 2022: [Paper Acceptance] O-RAN paper accepted to IEEE Network Magazine.

Feb. 2022: [Service] Dr. Shah invited to serve on the TPC for IEEE ICNP 2022.

Feb. 2022: [Service] Dr. Shah invited to serve as one of the publicity chairs  for IEEE SECON 2022.

Key Research Areas

 Current Projects

This project proposes to build a fully open-source software platform, called, Open AI Cellular (OAIC) -- that enables prototyping and testing AI controllers for 6G RAN research.

This project proposes to build and demonstrate a highly precise 5G-based Indoor positioning (5G-IPS) system for firefighters using 5G capabilities (particularly, NR positioning, network slicing, O-RAN) and rapidly flying UAVs.

This project investigates the fundamental vulnerability of beam sweeping methods to Denial of Service (DoS) attacks that introduce signal alterations intended to deny the accurate beam alignment between the transmitter-receiver pair

This project proposes to create a holistic, multi-disciplinary, context-aware spectrum sharing approach to address the spectrum coexistence of broadband wireless systems in satellite bands.

This project aims to build SpaceNet platform - the first-of-its-kind hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) space network testbed that will emulate a fast-changing multi-constellation space communication network. The SpaceNet platform will be fully open-source and available to the larger wireless and space community for research, development, and experimentation purposes.